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by pichu90

This dress up game inspired me to play it and well this is a pokemon game And I like pokemon dress up games of yours so sparks I like a...


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The room had a window, the bed was neat and tidy as it was quiet, very quiet. The room was clean, nothing was on the floor. Haruna was unconscious, on the floor as Krystal sipped on her glass of milk. She crouched, taking another sip as she woke up. "Ouch... Why does my head hurt?" Haruna asked. "Krystal? What are you doing here?" She rubbed her head as she looked at her. Skye crossed her arms over her chest as Krystal pulled out her phone and saw a text from Callie that reads; 'Hey, Krystal. So, me, Rose, Shio and Haruna disbanded, and... She's pretty upset. Please calm her down, and not make her angry. I'm counting on you.' She puts her phone away as Skye grabbed her scythe and went downstairs. "I'm here to train you while Skye's away." Krystal said. "But I don't need to be trained!" Haruna replied.

"Calm down, I'm here to teach you how to fight without using you're powers." Krystal explained. "Did you know that you've used you're power to win every fight?" She asked. "But you've gotten hurt so many times, and you've lost something, and lost you're team. But not me," She began, "You've got a special power that even though you've used it so many times to win every fight, you have to think before you use it!" She added, "So, do you want me to help you, or not?" She asked. Haruna nodded as Krystal helped her up.

Haruna and Krystal walked outside, getting into they're fighting stances as Krystal unsheathed her sword and ran towards her. Haruna breathed fire at her, back flipping as Krystal furrowed her brows and dodged it. She swung her sword at her and threw the other one at her as she sheathed her sword. Haruna dodged it, seeing run towards her. She grabs her arms and kicks her 6 times, spinning her as she kicked her abdomen. She backed away, seeing Haruna slowly get up. Fire emits from her hair as her eyes turn red. She clenched her fists, running towards Krystal as she grabbed her arm. She stood still, only to be flipped. Haruna groaned in pain as the fire disappeared.

"Looks like I win~" Krystal teased. "So, do you want to try again?" She asked.

Haruna breathed heavily as her eyes slowly returned to blue. "Let me guess... I'm gonna lose again?" She asked. Krystal laughed, picking up her sword as she sheathed it. Haruna sat up, facing Krystal as she sighed. "You have to think before using you're power!" Krystal scowled as Haruna got up and ran towards her. She tried to punch her as Krystal grabbed her fist. "You're not thinking!" Krystal yelled. Haruna was caught off guard as Krystal kicked her abdomen, flipping her once again as she turned around. Haruna spitted out blood as she groaned.

"Like I said, you're not thinking!" Krystal said.

"O-ouch... I'm sorry, I'm sorry!"

"Maybe it was a good idea for Rose, you, and the others, to go separate ways. It's clear that they don't need you anymore." Krystal said under her breath. Haruna got up, thinking about her teammates, and leader. "How did you-" She snapped to her attention. "Wait... What did you just say?" She asked. "Well, it's just that... You're... Weak." Krystal said. 'I need to prove that I can fight without using my power. But how?' She thought to herself. "W-weak?! Y-you think I'm... W-weak?!" Haruna asked. "Hmm... Yes." Krystal replied.

Haruna screamed as she ran towards Krystal and grabbed her arms. She kicks her 9 times and kicks her to the ground, letting go of her arms. She breathed heavily as her eyes turned red, burning with anger. "Don't hurt me!" Krystal pleaded. Haruna didn't listen, growling as she got up. "Haruna, please! Snap out of it!" Haruna shook her head, feeling it hurt. She saw how scared she was, and felt bad.

"K-Krystal? Oh no.. I-I'm sorry! I shouldn't be here! I-I don't want to hurt you! I can't control myself!" She yelled as her eyes widened.

She felt tears dance down her face as her eyes returned to blue.

"I know you can't control yourself, but, you have to think before you use you're power!" Krystal replied. "I know you can fight without using you power! You just have to think!" She said. "Now," She walked to her. "Do you want to try again?" She asked. Haruna felt bad, and didn't want to hurt her, but wanted to prove she could fight without using it. She nodded, taking a deep breath as she got into a fighting stance.

Krystal got into a fighting stance as well, and raised an eyebrow. Haruna started to think about her teammates as Krystal walked toward her. "Huh? What are you doing?" Haruna asked. Krystal looked at her and smiled. "Hey! Answer me, d-" Krystal grabs her wrist as she spins.

Haruna spins as well, only to be flipped. She fell onto the ground, groaning in pain as her eyes started spinning. Krystal stopped spinning, shaking her head, no and crossed her arms over her chest. "Haruna! What is the matter with you?! Why are you weak?! I thought you were tough! What is wrong with you?! She asked. Haruna shook her head as her eyes stopped spinning. "It's just... I miss my teammates, I miss... Callie! I loved her, and she loved me! We've protected eachother, and now... It's Rose's fault this happened. Haruna said.

Meanwhile, Shio fell to the ground, sobbing as she saw a white fox. It looked at her and walked towards her. "Why are you crying?" It asked. She rolled onto her back, staring at the sky. She breathed heavily, getting up. "Well..." She sniffs. "...Me and my team disbanded..." She said. "...And now..." She sobs, seeing them shape-shift into a human. "Don't worry, Shio. You've got me, now." They replied. "...H-how do you know my name?" Shio asked. They giggle. "I'm the fox you saw in THE SNOW WORLD." They said.

Callie bumped into a wolf, falling onto the ground as it spoke. "Callie, do you remember me?" It asked. "Wait... Are you crying?" It wondered. "N-no I'm not!" Callie yelled, wiping her tears away and crossing her arms over her chest. "Who are you?" Callie asked. "I'm the wolf that's been following Haruna." It said. "And now, I'm going to help you!" Callie smiled as it shape-shifted into a human.


Forloni and Rei walked to the couch and sat down on it, spotting the television remote. "Hey, it's nice to see you two again. So, how's it been? I heard that you're 'friend', attacked Callie, and Haruna." The fox-eared girl said as her ears stiffened. She furrowed her brows, crossing her arms. She was suspicious, and mad, but still, she didn't let her emotions get in her way. "I don't know if you lack happiness, or just hate Krystal," She began as she sips on her glass of water. "It stops now. You shouldn't hurt anyone, or you're never learn from you're mistakes. Rei's crow, apologize to Haruna, and Callie, cause if you don't..." She looks at her. "I'll feed you to one of the wolves..." She said under her breath. She walks over to the couch, grabbing the television remote and walks back to the table. She opens a drawer, putting it there as she closed it. "Now," She gives Forloni and Rei books. "Read this, and don't stop. I'll be watching you." She said.
Skye saw a hole, crouching as a wolf sat down beside her. She petted it, smiling as she saw a ton down there. "This hole...That smell..." She noticed a giant bird and screamed as it flew towards her. Skye dodged it, twirling her scythe as the black an red bird cawed. It swooped down, cawing. Skye jumped into the air, pulling the trigger. It cawed again, swooping down for the kill. She pulled the trigger flying into the air. She pulled it again, landing onto the bird. Skye ran across it's back, slicing it's back in half. The bird let out a shrill cry. Skye grinned, twirling her scythe as it transformed into a sniper-rifle. She pointed it at the bird, pulling the trigger 6 times. She jumped off of it, landing onto the ground. The wolf shape-shifted into a human, grabbing they're sword, and unsheathed it. They jumped into the air, landing onto it.
It was quiet, as if she wasn't even there. Still, she was angry, feeling the urge to attack her. She sat on a chair, next to the table and unsheathed her sword. She stared at it, throwing it to the ground and sobbing. Haruna puts Rose down on the couch beside Shio, noticing Callie walk to her chair and pick up her book. She sits down, opening it and reading it. Shio slowly opened her eyes and saw Rose. She wrapped her arm around her, laying her head on her shoulder. She laid her head on top of Rose's and gritted her teeth. Krystal picked up her sword and sheathed it, wiping her tears away. She lets out a small sigh, hearing Haruna and Callie arguing. She stared at the floor, shifting her head to the left. Haruna walked to the door and opened it, running outside and crying. Shio felt weak, groaning in pain as Rose slowly opened her eyes and looked at her. She smiled as her as eyes started to glow, but the light in them dimmed out. Her head started to hurt, seeing Krystal walk to her and unwrap the old bandages on wrapped around her abdomen. She threw them away and smiled.

"Shio, what... happened to you?" Rose asked, trying to move.

"I don't want to talk about it..." Shio said.

"W-wait! Where's Violet?!"

"She.. left," Shio began. "She went looking for Dark Shio, Dark Haruna and Dark Callie." She added. "Because of this, I'm not she'll survive." She continued. Rose coughed, noticing Shio look at her wound. She frowned, trying to speak, but she couldn't. They all heard laughing as Callie ran to the door and gasped. Haruna stabbed Dark Haruna in her chest, smelling her blood. Haruna thought about her mother as she continued to stab Dark Haruna. She laughed like a maniac, but she was still hurting inside. Her feelings were hurt, everything hurts.

"HARUNA, NO! STOP!" Callie screamed.

She didn't listen and continued to stab Dark Haruna. Callie ran her sword-hand out of Dark Haruna's chest. Callie kept her still, hearing her cry. Dark Haruna breathed heavily as she got up and slowly backed away. Rose stood outside, idly, watching as they both cried.

Rose crossed her arms, staring at them. Callie got up as Haruna got up. She unwrapped her arms from around her and walked to Rose. She unsheathed her sword and gritted her teeth. Rose grabbed her scythe and twirled it. She hit it on the ground, seeing Haruna tremble. Her brows furrowed as Callie tried to punch her. She grabbed her wrist, kicking her abdomen as she lets go of her wrist. Haruna's sword transformed into a hand, seeing how calm she is. But something was... 'Wrong'. Why wasn't she angry?

"Leave." Rose said.

"WHY?! WE'RE YOU'RE TEAMMATES! WE CAN'T JUST LEAVE! WE HAVE TO STICK TOGETHER!" Callie screamed at the top of her lungs.

"...You don't need me anymore..." Rose began, "...It's because of me, I've put you in danger so many times! I can't risk having you save me!" Rose added, "I know we need to stick together, but I'll only make things worse!" Rose continued, "You don't need me anymore, and you know it!" Those words hit Callie hard. She had never knew she felt this way, even after what they've been through.

"...I-I'm sorry! We didn't-" She was interrupted.

"No, you're not! I deserve to be a leader!" Rose angrily replied.


"Callie's right, you're our leader, you can't fight Nicki on you're own without us!" Haruna said.

Shio walked outside, falling to her hands and knees. Rose looked at her, wanting to kill her. Shio coughed as Rose walked to her. She pointed her scythe at the white-haired girl and almost pulled the trigger. Callie gasped, running towards Shio quickly, and stood in front of her. The black-haired girl gritted her teeth, pointing it at her. Callie didn't want Rose to kill her as she furrowed her brows.

"Rose, snap out of it! Shio is our teammate, you trust her, remember?! You know that you would never hurt her! Rose, please! You have to listen to me!" Callie yelled. More tears streamed down her face as she gritted her teeth. Rose didn't listen as her scythe transformed into a gun. Callie's eyes widened, knowing she wouldn't listen, she dropped her sword and sighed. "Fine. If you won't listen," She began, "Kill me, instead."

"CALLIE, NO!" Haruna screamed. 

Rose shook her head, seeing her sword transform back into a scythe as she put it away. "W-what happened?" Rose asked. All of them looked at her, angry as Haruna walked to her. She tapped her shoulder and crossed her arms over her chest. Haruna grabbed Rose's shirt, lifting her off the ground. She gritted her teeth, wanting to punch her. Rose's eyes widened, knowing her teammate would never hurt her.


Rose saw her eyes were burning with anger as tears streamed down her face. She begged for mercy, noticing Haruna almost punch her. "No, I can't do it... I won't hurt you... You're the leader of our team, and as leader, you shouldn't have tried killing Shio!" Haruna said. Rose was put down onto the ground as Haruna let go of her shirt. She wiped Rose's tears away and let out a small sigh, walking to Callie.

"I'm sorry Callie, but I need to go. I think I've caused enough trouble." Haruna said.

Callie picked up her sword and sheathed it, crying as she heard those words. She trembled, running to Haruna, and hugging her. Haruna hugged her back, tightly, hearing her sob. Her older sister walked to her and hugged her, seeing Rose stand there. Haruna wanted to hug her as Rose ran to her and hugged her. All of them let go as Haruna walked towards her motorcycle and looked back, waving at them. She looked at her motorcycle, and jumped on, revving it up. She drove away as the wolf followed her. 

"Wait a minute, why are you still here?" Rose asked, looking at the dragon.

"Well, don't you want to find her? Hop on, and you can see her again!" The dragon said.

"What?! B-but she just left!" Rose replied.

"Haruna can take care of herself, she doesn't need us anymore." Shio said.

Haruna was driving, seeing the wolf following her, but not the dragon. She wondered what it was doing, spotting someone from afar. What were they doing? She stared at them, stopping as she called out to them, but they didn't respond. They disappeared and reappeared, in front of her. They smiled, waving at her. Haruna saw that it was Callie and gasped. 'Wait... Is it really her?' She thought to herself.

"C-Callie?! Is it really you?!" Haruna asked, excited.

"Yes, it's really me."  Callie said.

Haruna smiled as Callie jumped onto her motorcycle, and wrapped her arms around her. Haruna drove away, seeing the wolf follow her.


Rose, and her team, were in the house, sitting down as Rose sighed deeply. She shifted her head to the left, looking at her phone. She heard it ring, pressing it as she heard Haruna's voice. Callie opened her book, flipping through pages to find where she was reading. Shio read her book also, turning to the next page, noticing Rose look at Haruna's weapons on the couch next to her. Shio was worried, and continued to read her book. She knew Haruna was going to be fine, until she heard her voice. Callie also heard her voice, looking at Rose.

"Uh huh. Callie? But she's... Fine."

Rose puts her phone away, sighing as she looked at Callie.

"So? What did she say?" Callie asked.

"She said she found you, but you're right here!" Rose said.

"We need to find her, quick! She may be in trouble!" Callie replied.

"Oh no you don't! You heard what Haruna said, she has caused enough trouble! I know she can take care of herself!" Shio exclaimed.

Rose and Callie looked at her, looking at eachother, and then back at Shio. She ran outside as Rose and Callie followed. Rose and Shio jumped onto the dragon and saw Callie run away quickly. The dragon flew away, following Callie. The black-haired girl wrapped her arms around the white-haired girls' waist, looking around. She saw road, and heard howling. Rose saw the wolf and gasped, pointing at it.

"Shio, look! It's that wolf!" She said.

She looked at it and smiled, spotting a trail of blood. She wondered whose blood it was, seeing that was only a little, she pointed at the blood and frowned, furrowing her brows. The dragon flew down to the ground, and landed looking at the trail of blood. Ruby looked at it as she wondered if this was Haruna's blood, but, it couldn't be. Could it? She jumped onto the ground, walking to it.

Rose smelt blood as her eyes widened. She trembled, following the scent. She twitched, continuing to walk away. Shio, Callie, the wolf, and dragon stayed still as Shio ran towards her, and covered her nose. Callie unsheathed her sword, walking away. Callie looked around, smelling blood. Her eyes glowed, seeing wolves. She walked through the forest, hearing a loud boom.

Haruna's was on the ground, not moving as Callie ran to her. She felt weak, her body going numb. Callie picked her up and carried her, running away as they roared. Haruna looked at Callie, trying to move. She coughed as the light in her eyes dimmed out. She groaned in pain, reaching her palm toward Callie's face, rubbing her left cheek with her thumb. She smiled, seeing her smile.

Callie quickly ran to Rose and Shio, falling as she dropped Haruna. She coughed, hearing growling. Haruna groaned in pain, trying move. Her body still felt numb as her eyes turned blue. She coughed, trying to get up. She fell to her hands and knees, getting up. She freaked out, seeing them slowly walk towards Callie. She breathed heavily, running towards them. Her eyes widened, trying to punch her.

They dodged every punch, smiling as they kicked her abdomen. Haruna was sent flying, groaning as Callie gasped. Haruna spitted out blood, screaming as they kicked her in the gut. She fell to the ground, getting up, and punched them, sending them flying. Her breathing got heavier, falling to her hands and knees. Rose ran to her and crouched, giving Haruna her weapons. Haruna gets up, trembling as she takes them, and puts them away. Her brows furrowed, looking around. Callie trembled, staring at her as she tried to speak.

"You shouldn't have came looking for me, and you," Haruna began, looking at Rose, "You better not hurt Callie. 'Cause if you do, I'll hurt you..." Haruna said, under her breath. "I've caused enough trouble, okay?! I don't wanna hurt any of you!" Haruna yelled as she cried.

Rose walked to her, pulling out a towel, and wiping up blood on Haruna's mouth. More tears streamed down her face, pushing Rose to the ground. Chains wrapped around her wrist, pulling her towards Rose as two more chains wrapped around her ankles. Rose sobbed as tears streamed down her face. Haruna fell to the ground, trying to crawl away. She then got up, backing away as the chains tightened.

Haruna gritted her teeth, burning the chains wrapped around her wrist. Another chain wrapped around her arm, pulling her towards Rose. She struggled to get away, groaning as three more chains wrapped around her arm, her leg, and waist. She screamed, feeling the chains tighten. Rose laughed, getting up as the chains pulled Haruna towards her. Shio growled, running towards Rose.

"S-Shio! N-no!" Haruna yelled.

She didn't listen as chains wrapped around her ankles. Haruna gasped as her eyes widened. She fell to her hands and knees, feeling the chains tighten more. She roared, and burned the chains with her fire breath as she ran to Rose and kicked her. The black-haired girl dodged every kick, grabbing her arm, and flipping her. Four chains wrapped around Haruna's arms, and ankles as she breathed heavily.

"W-why... Are you... Doing this?" She asked, "Why... Are you hurting us?"

Haruna's body went numb once again, her eyes burning with anger. Rose looked at her, seeing her try to get up. She stepped on Haruna's abdomen, grabbing her scythe as it transformed into a sword. Haruna gasped, feeling her heart race. Tears streamed down her face, feeling the chains tighten. Callie tackled Rose, growling as the chains wrapped around Shio's ankles disappeared.

Callie kept her still, trying to calm her down. Shio ran to her scared sister, and crouched, stroking her hair. The chains wrapped around her arms, legs and waist,  as she trembled. She shifted her head to the left, looking at Shio as her hair sprawled on the ground. Callie then felt chains wrap around her wrists, and ankles as she they threw her to the ground. Haruna got up and crawled to her, feeling chains wrap around her ankles. She got up, running to Rose as she stabbed her side, slicing it open. She screamed, falling to her hands and knees.

She trembled, clutching the wound as Rose kicked her.

Haruna groaned, breathing heavily. Callie got up, seeing Haruna get up and walk to her motorcycle. Callie ran to it and got on, seeing Haruna get onto it and wrap her arms around her. Callie revved it up, driving away as Haruna coughed. Callie sighed, continuing to drive. "Callie... I won't survive... Leave me behind to die..." Haruna whispered as she coughed again. Callie let out a small sigh, responding with. "Haruna, I will not leave you behind! We have to leave Rose behind! She no longer needs us! We can finally be free!" She replied, feeling tears dance down her face. Haruna breathed heavily, feeling her head hurt. 'Damn... Maybe she's right. Rose doesn't needs us anymore.'

Haruna knew Callie's feelings were hurt, hers were hurt, too, but she thought about Shio, knowing she'd look for her. She sobbed, remembering the fun times they've had together. The memories she's remembered, all the things that have happened, she has not forgotten. Callie heard her cry, pulling over to a Coffee Shop. She parked, getting off of the motorcycle as Callie pulled out a towel and cleaned the wound, putting it away. She pulled out bandages, wrapping them around Haruna's abdomen and putting the bandages away.

Rose grabbed her scythe, twirling it as Shio grabbed her ice gun and pulled the trigger.

The icicles broke, going towards her. She put her ice gun away, grabbing her sword as she ran towards Rose. She swung it at her, screaming as Rose threw her scythe into the air, grabbing Shio's arm and kicking her 5 times. Rose kicked her to the ground and caught her scythe. "ROSE! I'M YOU'RE TEAMMATE! PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!" Shio screamed at the top of her lungs. Rose's scythe transformed into a sword as Shio got up and kicked her. "I'll kill Haruna and Callie! Once they're dead, I'll kill you!" Rose yelled as her eyes glowed.

"I'LL KILL EVERYONE!" Rose growled, blocking the kick.

Shio gasped, gritting her teeth. She sheathed her sword, back flipping as her eyes glowed. "DON'T YOU DARE KILL THEM! THEY'RE OUR TEAMMATES!" She yelled, unsheathing her sword as she jumped into the air and lunged at her. She tackled her and kept her still, staring into her eyes as the light in hers dimmed out. "Snap out of it, Rose! You have to remember who you are!" Shio yelled.

Meanwhile at the Coffee Shop, the girl behind the counter was busy making coffee as something caught her eye. Callie smothered her lips against Haruna's and wrapped her arms around her neck. Haruna stared into her eyes, wrapping her arms around her waist. They're eyes closed, getting lost in the moment. "Umm... Are you... Going to buy something?" The girl asked. Haruna detached her lips from Callie's and looked at her. "Oh... Uh, of course." Haruna said. She walked to the counter as the girl grabbed her shirt, pulling her close. "Look, do you have any money?" She whispered. "I, uh..." She checks her pockets. "Looks like you don't have enough money, bye!" The girl said, letting go.

"W-what?! B-but I do!" Haruna replied.

The red-haired girl raised an eyebrow, putting two cups of coffee on the counter. Haruna gritted her teeth, hitting her fist on the counter as she furrowed her brows. She clenched her fist, seeing Callie look at her. She looked back at the girl and spoke. "Listen here, I want my coffee, and I want it now." Haruna said, under her breath. "You do not want to make me angry, do you?" She asked. The girl gave her the two cups of coffee as she trembled. She walked over to Callie and gave her the cup of coffee, taking a sip of hers.

She sat down on a chair, putting her coffee down onto the table as she sighed. Callie sat down on a chair, holding Haruna's hand. Haruna blushed, staring into her eyes. "Haruna, I don't know what I would've done, if you weren't here, by my side. Even though we've been through everything together, I still love you." Callie said. Haruna smiled as Callie smiled. The red-haired girl looked at them, smiling as she sighed. "Aww! you two are so cute together!" She said. Callie looked at her, seeing a worried looked on Haruna's face.

"Haruna? What's wrong?" Callie asked.

She kept looking out the window as she sighed again. "Uh... Earth to Haruna?" She snapped to her attention, shifting her head to the right. Callie clutched her hand tightly, frowning as she spoke. "Oh? Umm... I-" She was interrupted. "Haruna, I understand if you're still upset, but... We're on our own, now. We can't go back." Callie began, "We can't go back, and you know it. We have to stick together."

Shio pinned Rose down, keeping her still as Rose pushed her off. She jumped into the air, lunging at Shio. Shio back flipped, throwing her sword at her. The black-haired girl dodged it, smashing into her as the ground broke. Rose's sword transformed into a scythe, pulling the trigger as she landed onto the ground. Shio held onto the ground, seeing a ton of wolves. She took a deep breath, letting go of it as Callie grabbed her hand and threw her into the air. Callie got back onto the motorcycle, driving away as Shio landed onto the ground and ran to her sword. She picked it up and sheathed it. She followed them as Rose put her scythe away. As soon as Callie pulled over, Shio caught up to them and furrowed her brows. "Callie? What's wrong?" Haruna asked. "You were right, you've caused enough trouble. We shouldn't see eachother anymore." Callie said. Haruna gasped, feeling tears dance down her face. "What?! B-but w-" Callie got off and walked away from it. She turned around seeing Haruna run to her. She hugged her tightly, sobbing on her shoulder. Shio started to cry, clenching her fists.

She sobbed, seeing her sister walk to her motorcycle and get on. "Will we ever see eachother again?" Haruna asked. "Oh! Of course!" Shio said as she smiled. Haruna revved it up, driving away as Shio walked to Callie and hugged her. Callie hugged her back and looked at Haruna. Haruna pulled over to Skye's house and get off her motorcycle. She walked to the door and knocked on it, seeing it open. "Who's th- Haruna? Y-you're not here to attack me, are you?!" She asked, frightened. "Of course not!" Haruna said as she sobbed. Skye let her into the house and poured her up a glass of water. "I think I need to rest." Haruna said as she went upstairs and walked into a room. She closed the door behind her, pulling out her phone as she saw texts from Callie. One says; 'Hey, Haruna. Hope you're not too sad, it's going to be alright. I may not be with you, but you'll always remember me, right?' She felt tears dance down her face. She walked to the bed, sitting down on it as she laid down and laid on her side, wrapping a blanket around herself. The wolf laid beside her bed and fell asleep.

Callie and Shio walked down the road together as Callie checked her phone. She saw a text from Haruna. It says; "I miss you." She smiled, wrapping her arm around Shio. Shio wiped her tears away, wrapping her arm around her. She pulled out her phone and thought about Rose. She missed Haruna already and saw Rose. "Shio! Callie! Ugh... My head hurts... Where's Haruna?" She asked. They both looked at her, putting they're phones away as Callie quickly ran away. Shio crossed her arms over her chest, frowning as she shook her head.

"Where did she go?" Rose asked.

Shio still didn't speak, looking away. Rose tried hugging her as she pushed her away. "...I hate you!" Shio yelled. "Don't you know what you've caused?!" Rose was confused as she furrowed her brows. "What did I do?" She asked. "You almost killed her!" Shio began, "She went to Skye's house, and now... I miss her..." She added. Rose had a sad look on her face as she stared at the ground and back at her. "I... Almost killed her?!" Shio nodded. Rose's cloak flowed in the wind as the hood covered her face. She grabbed her scythe and walked away. Shio walked away, unsheathing her sword. She ran, wiping her tears away. Rose felt a sinking feeling in her heart as she started to cry.

Skye went upstairs and opened Haruna's bedroom door as she looked at her. Haruna stared at the screen, seeing a text that reads; 'I miss you too. But that doesn't mean we won't see eachother again, right?' She frowned as she read the rest. 'I know you're scared, I get it, but you have to stay strong, for me, for Shio, everyone else. I still care about you, even if you think I don't, I do. Shio cares about you, everyone else cares about you. Violet cares, Krystal cares, even Skye cares! Look, I didn't want you to get hurt, but you're on you're own, now. And I hope... You're happy... You've made my life, so much easier, even after what we've been through, I still love you.' Haruna sobbed, trembling as she saw a text from Shio. 'Hey, little sister. Look, I know you're sad, but you have to do things on you're own, now. Despite everything we've been through, I won't forget you." Her eyes widened, clenching her shirt, tightly as she laid on her back and stared at the ceiling. She furrowed her brows, sitting up. She felt her head hurt, grabbing her head as she dropped her phone.

She shrieked, letting go of her head as she hit her fist on the wall. She breathed heavily, screaming as Skye ran to her. She tried to calm her down as Haruna pushed her away. "NO! NO! NO! NO!" She shouted. Her eyes darted around, seeing her escape. Haruna got up, running to Skye as she tackled her. She pinned her down as her eyes turned red. Skye trembled, trying to get up. She sent a text to Krystal as Haruna tried to bite her. A portal appeared as Krystal ran through it and put her phone away. She slammed the door open, running to Haruna as she pulled her off of Skye. Haruna struggled to get away, growling. "Haruna! Calm down, Please!" Krystal began, "I'm not here to hurt you, or fight you!" Krystal added. She pushed Haruna to the ground, knocking he out as she helped Skye up. "What happened?"

"I don't know." Skye said.


Violet unsheathed her sword, walking down a path, seeing wolves. She saw a giant bird as she looked around. She heard growling and squawking. She saw Dark Shio and Dark Callie, but not Dark Haruna. A portal appeared as Dark Haruna walked through it. "WELL, HELLO AGAIN!" She shouted. "READY TO FIGHT?!" She asked. "I'm not here to fight you!" Violet replied, sheathing her sword.

"Did you know Rose and her team disbanded?" Dark Haruna asked.

"What are you talking about?"

Dark Haruna laughed as chains wrapped around Violet's wrists, ankles and waist.


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Shadowscar: *Growls* "Every time I fight her, she defeats me! It's time I finally defeat her..."

???: "What shall I do to help?"

Shadowscar: 'Hmm...well..."

???: "How about you go to Shadowclan while I find a way to Shadowclan..."

They said as they grinned.

Shadowscar: "Hmm...okay"

He padded all the way from "The Forest" and finally got to Shadowclan.

Shadowscar: "Shadowclaw, we meet again..."

As he said that, Shadowclaw saw a cat (Shadowscar0 that she's seen before

Shadowclaw: "You're not welcome here, Shadowscar!"

Shadowscar: "I know, you seriously don't listen to me do you?"

As soon as he said that, a cat appeared behind him.

Shadowclaw: "Ah, Nekoda you're here..."

Nekoda: *Winks at Shadowclaw as she unsheathed her claws*

Shadowclaw: "You don't talk mush, do you?"

Nekoda: *Shakes heads*

Roseclaw: "Get out of Shadowclan, RIGHT NOW!"

Nekoda: *Pads towards Shadowclaw and grins*

Shadowclaw: *Tries clawing Nekoda but fails to do so.*

As Shadowclaw tried clawing Nekoda, she dodged every time Shadowclaw tried.

Shadowclaw: "Nekoda, stop dodging!"

Shadowscar: "You don't stand a chance at winning, Shadowclaw!"

Nekoda: *Winks at Shadowclaw*

Shadowclaw: "Shadowscar, who is Nekoda!?"

Shadowscar: "Stop asking questions and fight me in "The Forest"

Nekoda: "Yeah Shadowclaw, stop asking questions because you're SO annoying..."

As Nekoda said that, shadowclaw then unsheathed her claws and began to hiss at her.

Nekoda: "Wow, feisty I like it..."

Shadowscar: "Nekoda, time to get the others!"

Nekoda  nods.

Nekoda went to The Forest and back with the others

Shadowclaw:"B-but I thought you weren't a Leader of a Clan!"

Shadowscar: "I-"

Nekoda: *Puts paw over Shadowscar's mouth* "Shadowclaw, you and I have to be friends somehow, Just kidding and by the way...Brownie over there is annoying too..." *giggles*

Shadowclaw: " And to think you couldn't get anymore annoy- did you just call Brownkit...BROWNIE!?"


Nekoda: "What's gonna happen? are you gonna cry or hurt me?"

As Nekoda teased Brownkit, Shadowclaw calmed brownkit down.

Nekoda: "Shadow...loser, you're such a waste of time, I'm not surprised Shadowscar would want to defeat you...

Shadowclaw: "Shadow...LOSER!?" *Shadowclaw unsheathes her claws and bites Nekoda's arm, unfortunately she fails to do so.

Unfortunatly, Nekoda had her claws unsheathed already, but before she could claw Shadowclaw, Shadowclaw pushes Nekoda away, likely due to the fact that she Teased her and Made her angry.

Nekoda: "Shadowclaw, you're so..."

Shadowclaw: "I'm so...WHAT!?"

Nekoda: "Cute when you're angry..."

Shadowclaw: "GET OUT OF HERE!"

As Shadowclaw said that, Nekoda soon padded out of Shadowclan fast.

Shadowscar: "Hey, wait for me!"

Shadowclaw: "I don't want to see him or Nekoda...ever again, I've had enough of dealing with him for one day"

Roseclaw: "Does she help him now? who is she?"

Shadowclaw: "I don't know, I wonder how he found her or how she found him."

(If you didn't know, Shadowscar actually DOES have a scar)


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