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The Fox: The Darkness - Chapter 67
The leafs on the trees started to fall off as a growl was heard. Rose walked through the forest, hearing growls. She saw glowing red eyes, and walked toward them. Someone with a black cloak walked up to her, and smiled. The black haired girls' cloak flowed in the wind as she heard they're voice. "Somethings lurking in the darkness..." They whispered. She turned around swinging her scythe at them as they grabbed it. They're eyes glowed, staring into hers. They became curious, opening they're mouth, and licking they're lips.
"Well, hello... What's you're name?" They wondered.
"W-who are you?" Rose asked.
"I wanted to ask you the same thing..." They began, "...So, who are you?"
"I-I'm Rose.."
"Can I drink you're blood? They asked.
"Oh? U-umm... I- AHH!"
They were behind her as they grabbed her wrist, sinking they're teeth into her arm. Rose screamed as they covered her mouth. She trembled, dropping her scythe. They drank some of her blood, releasing the grip her wrist. They
:iconpikachulover22477:Pikachulover22477 0 0
That Includes of NOT claiming the characters from Warriors, FNaF, FNaF 2 FNAF 3 AND FNAF 4 And Monokuma From Danganronpa (I Think)
This is my newest deviations I will probably make new one's sooner or later... don't worry! :D


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by pichu90

This dress up game inspired me to play it and well this is a pokemon game And I like pokemon dress up games of yours so sparks I like a...


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 Kei was worried about Yuu, and Rosy, so she made her way over to her, and crouched, grasping her hand, and moving it away from her chest, Yuu trembled, coughing up more blood. An arrow was shot toward Haruna's chest as she shrieked, and fell to the ground, "Why are you still here? Maybe because of the dangers that have surrounded you. Nothing but ignorance, nothing but foolishness. Hmph, you're just like the others, they didn't listen, and they betrayed me." Asaki said. "You... monster..." Haruna muttered. She fell to the ground, slowly pulling the arrow out. "Asaki... how... could you do this... how could you betray you're friends...?" She asked. The wolf girl furrowed her brows, and putting the bow, and arrows away. "Because they started to not like me for the bad things I've done." She answered back. "And now, the only way you'll accept me, is NOT HURTING MY FEELINGS." She growled. The blonde threw the bloody arrow at Asaki as she caught it, and dropped it. "We'll never... accept you..." She growled, under her breath.

Haruna got up as Callie ran to her, and put her arm on her shoulder, making they're way to an opened portal. The tall girl grasped the bleeding wound, coughing up blood. "Just hold on, Haruna, just hold on, I know you'll survive." The black-haired girl said. But before they walked through it, Dark Haruna kicked her toward the hole in the ground as she fell to her death, her eyes widened, and felt almost as if time slowed down. The other girl jumped into the hole, kicked the air as bullets were fired out of the gauntlets on her ankles. 

She landed onto the ground, and caught the tall girl in her arms, and noticed her eyes close. "NO! NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!" Callie screamed at the top of her lungs. She gritted her teeth, and cried out, jumping into the air, and firing bullets from her gauntlets.

The girl knew she couldn't make it out of the hole, she was weak, and tired, but she didn't give up. She zoomed out of the hole, fwoosh! and kicked the air as both her, and the blonde fell through the portal, not knowing where she is. The blue sky was filled with darkness, and there were black blood on the ground, a sharp, tortured cry was heard, and a wolf howled, growing near. Callie pulled Haruna close, bringing her in for a tight hug. She hugged her back, bringing herself, and the shape shifter, back up. The blonde looked around, saw stairs. "C-Callie... go... down there.. you'll be safe, while I stay up here..." Haruna choked out. "W-what?! No! We need to stick to stick together!" She sniffed the air, smelling blood. She had a bad feeling about this place as the other girl sighed, making her way downstairs. Haruna walked away, hearing footsteps. A dagger was throw at her arm, and sliced it opened. She quickly clutched it, and gritted her teeth as two more were thrown at her. She dodged them as she was knocked out.

[Haruna's p.o.v] (Point of View)

It was awhile before I woke up, and my head started to hurt. I saw someone familiar putting my weapons away, and soon noticed that I was awake. "Hey blondie, it's great to see you again." She said, walking up to me. I tried to free my tied up hands, but I was weak, and tired, and I couldn't get up. "What.. did you do to me...?" I asked. "The dagger... I laced it with a toxin that won't kill you, but slow down you're aura regeneration." Mika answered back, taking my shirt off. "But don't worry if you start to feel a little woozy." 

She cleaned up the blood on my chest, and rubbed with rubbing alcohol on another towel, and threw the other one away as I yelped. She then stitched up the wound, and wrapped bandages around my chest, and tore the end off, putting the towel, and rolled up bandages away. I was on my knees, and my back ached, I tried to remember my lover, but I couldn't. "Why do I feel weird?" I asked. "The wooziness is starting to kick in." "Miiiika..." Haruna giggled as the wound on her arm faded. "Why don't you wanna show those cute kitty ears of yours?" The cat taller cat girl backed away, and pulled the hood of the cloak down. "Because," Her eyes glow, "don't want to be locked away." Even if I couldn't remember her, I still loved her. "And I'm afraid we cannot stay here anymore, our clone's are growing stronger, and will wreak havoc in this world, if we don't go soon." Mika explained. "Luckily, the arrow did not puncture you're heart, you're body is still strong, and healthy, but unfortunately, you're going to have to stay here for awhile, 'till you're aura is fully restored, until then, she will take care of you." She pointed at the black-haired girl sitting on the ground, with her back to the cold, rocky wall. She stared at her phone, and shivered, wanting warmth. A fireplace nearby had wood in it, that was very fiery, and warm. She crawled over to it, sitting down and, moving her palms toward it to feel warm. I then remembered that was my lover, but I couldn't remember her name. But then, something was missing... her... I freed my tied up hands, and got up, making my way over to her. 

I sat down behind her and wrapped my arm's and legs around her, laying my head atop hers. She felt even more warm, as well as I did. The others walked out of a portal, and I looked at them, not knowing why they're here, I remembered that girl saying if we didn't go, or clone's would wreak havoc in this world. 

Red, White, and the Kitty eared girl was here, but I couldn't remember they're names. So, I got up, and walked to the stairs, making my way to the bathroom. 

I started to feel.. different, and I felt almost if my stomach was twisting, and I was unsteady. My legs shook fast, and the room was spinning. I almost fainted, keeping my balance, hoping the pain would stop. 'Ouch... heh, she was right... the wooziness did kick in... but why can't I remember my teammates' names?' I questioned myself, as I looked in the mirror at myself. 

Something didn't seem right.

I saw crimson red eyes starring back at me, and they were... mine. I was confused, I wasn't angry, so, why did they change...? "Wait.. what are YOU doing here?!" I asked. "You didn't think I would come back? Ha! Well, I'm back, and I've got some help. Make sure you're ready to fight me." I felt to the ground, and sat up, scooting away from the sink, I screamed as my breathing got heavier. My sister came in, and gasped, looking at me in defeat, with a cold stare. "Haruna-" She was cut off. "No! I don't wanna hear it! I know what you're gonna say, you want me to fight again, huh?! Is that what you want?! Is me to risk my life for you? To die trying?!" I asked furiously. I started to notice her unwrap the bandages wrapped around her face, and throw them away. "I... don't want you to die trying, but I've risked my life too, y'know. And you know that I've tried to protect Rose, and I failed." She answered back, furrowing her brows. I really didn't want to make her angry, but I had no choice. "Well, maybe I don't wanna be on Rose's team anymore." I growled, getting up. "But what about our team?! Team RSHC?!" "THERE IS NO TEAM RSHC!" I screamed as fire emitted from my hair. "H-Haruna..." I wiped tears from my eyes, and gritted my teeth. I walked away, and opened a door, closing it behind myself.


(Shio's Point of View)

It occurred to me that she hadn't slept, and was moody. But something else wasn't right, she couldn't remember my name, and kept losing her balance. She said that she had a nightmare, and migraines. I then saw her about to walk to the door as I sat up. "Stop!" I demanded. Haruna stopped, clenching her fists. "You been avoiding me, Rose, and even Callie, and you haven't told us what's wrong! I know you're not in the mood to talk to us, but you shouldn't be afraid to tell us what's on you're mind!" I gasped, noticing a knife in the back of her pants. I got up, and walked over to her, pulling the knife out, and turning her around. She was crying, she had slit her wrist, and her eyes were still red. Rose's eyes widened, seeing the blood fall from her wrist, to the floor.

"I... I-I'm s-sorry...!" She stammered, looking at the knife, coated with blood. It wasn't just hers, it was someone else's. "I... I slit someone's t-throat..." She choked out. I couldn't believe what I heard, and the others couldn't either. 

It was 'gruesome'.

She was truly traumatized as blood still fell from her bleeding wrist. Haruna was losing blood, not a lot, but we had to do something. I began wipe the blood away with a towel, as I put it away, and I poured rubbing alcohol onto another towel, and gently rubbed it on her wrist. She yelped as it stung. I wrapped bandages around it, and tore the end off. "Next time, don't slit anyone's throats, ok?" Haruna nodded. "You know you can come to us, and tell us what's wrong if you're sad." She didn't respond, she seemed a little down than ever.

"She's right, we would've not known that you did this! We're sisters, we shouldn't keep secrets from each other!" I growled, scoffing and furrowing my brows. She walked over to her bed, and sat down on it. She responded with, "I'm not use to this arm yet." She replied.

"Even if you want me to help you fight, I just.. can't! Red, I know I can't remember you're name, but I still love you, no matter what." She said. It was heartbreaking, I could hear sobs coming from Rose, even Callie started to cry. 

I then noticed Haruna hold the bloody knife's blade close to her neck, and almost slit her throat. "I will end my life..." She whispered, trembling. She threw it to the ground, and opened a portal, running through it. 

(Rose's Point of View)

I didn't know she was that sad, it almost broke my heart. "We have to find her! Who knows where she could've went!" Shio looked away, walking over to the knife. She picked it up, and made her way to the door, opening it, and walking out. "Callie, don't you wanna know where she went?!" I asked, worryingly. "She's a psychopath, and there's nothing we can do!" She then turned around, and walked out the door. A few hours had passed, and I was left all alone, I was bored, and I didn't know what to do. I heard footsteps outside the door as someone walked in, and closed it. "Who are you?" I asked. She didn't speak, she must've been shy. "Can you tell me you're name?" She still didn't speak, something was wrong. Her hair was dark blue, but those sad icy blue eyes were hiding something. "Are you scared?" She shook her head. I didn't believe the movement of her head, she was hiding something. "Y-yes..." She squeaked out. "I-I'm Jay, and... Haruna really didn't tell me who you were..." She answered back. "I'm Rose... wait, you know Haruna?" I wondered. She nodded, walking up to me. 

And then, she rolled up her left sleeve, revealing her bandaged arm. I couldn't believe what I saw, I looked her in the eyes, and wiped my tears away. "Jay... did you hurt yourself?" I asked. "No... I was..." She sobbed. "Abused...!" She choked out. 'Abused?! B-but how?!' I thought to myself. She rolled the sleeve down, and rolled up her shirt, revealing her scrawny body.  She groaned as her stomach growled. She pulled it down, and zipped up her jacket, putting her hands in the pockets. "Rose... I-I'm hungry, and I need food..." She said, barely getting the words out. "Well here, have this." I handed her a carrot, and smiled. She looked at it, and refused to take it, taking her hands out of the pockets. "But I thought you were hungry..." Jay was keeping something from me, and didn't want to tell me.

"I used to eat carrots, my parents did too, but something happen to them, and now, whenever I see one, I remember them..." She replied, grabbing it. She bit into it, chewing, and opening a portal. "Let's go, but don't worry, I'll bring you back in time."

(Callie's Point of View)

I didn't mean to yell at Rose, but she deserved to hear the truth, even if I loved Haruna, she became a psychopath on the loose. I saw Shio looking at a picture of her and her sister. She didn't look very happy, despite what she's become. "Callie," I turn my head. "Do you think I'm a monster?" She asked me. I couldn't respond, I didn't think that she was a monster. "Shio, what's wrong? You haven't ate you're food yet, and you've built something out of it!" I replied, pointing at it. I then noticed her tired eyes. She rubbed them, coughing violently. "Are you sick?" I asked. She began to sneeze, wiping her nose with a tissue. "N-no..." She answered back as her eyes changed color.

"I-I'm n-not s-sick, I-I'm j-just t-tired..." For once I didn't believe her, however, the color of her eyes gave me a thought that she was hiding something. "Shio, when you're clone bit you, you didn't show any signs of you're eyes changing, and now you are! What's really going on? Why won't you eat?!" She looked at me with a cold stare, looking back at her phone. 

I didn't even get a single answer why, and she was hiding something.

"Shio, you know you can't keep secrets from me!" but then, I didn't see her. "Shio? Where'd you..." I felt a tap on my shoulder. I jumped in fear, getting up from my chair, and facing her. 

"Why are you so jumpy? I only went to wash my hands." She said, picking up her phone. She walked away as I followed her. I was quite suspicious, but she didn't mind me following her.


(Haruna's Point of View)

I walked into a place, seeing Yin, and a bunch of other shape shifter's. "Hey Yin!" I called her name as she saw me, and quickly ran over to me. "I'm so glad to see you here!! Wait... does anyone know you're here? Does you're friends know you're gone?!" She asked. "Nobody knows that I'm here, and well... Rose doesn't know that-" "We're here, too." A familiar voice said. I turned around, facing my sister. "Shio?! Callie?! What are you two doing here?!" I asked. Something wasn't right, her eyes weren't blue, they were... red."Hey, we're shape shifters too, y'know, so we have to have fun." She was right, but something else wasn't right, why was Violet here? "Oh no.." She was not welcome. "You are not welcome." The shape shifter said, with they're arms crossed.

"B-but I'm a shape shifter, see?!" She shape shifted into a wolf, and then back into a human. They sighed, letting her in. "Hey blondie, we have somethings to do, alone." She said, walking up to me, grabbing my shirt, and dragged me away. I followed her into a room as she closed the door, and locked it. "Why are we-" She pushed me onto a bed, and pinned me down. My hair sprawled onto the bed, and my body as she pulled my shirt off, revealing my bandaged chest. "You look cute~" She purred, rubbing my waist.

She noticed a blush present on my face, and kissed my neck as I squirmed. Even if she was taller than me, I wasn't going to let her do this. I switched roles, with me on top of her. I began to feel sweat run down my face as I pinned her down. 

I felt very nervous, I had to do something, but I couldn't. I loosened my grip, and walked away, turning around, and grabbing my head. "I... I  can't do this! You're my leader's sister, and I'm her friend!" I awkwardly squeaked out. "I know I am, but it's going to rain, so you need a jacket." She replied, grabbing a black jacket. I took it, and put it on, preceding to put my arm's through the sleeves.

I covered my head up with the hood, and my way over to the door, and grabbed the doorknob. "Wait! Do you want me to walk you home?!" She asked. I never thought she'd ask that, she's never walked me home before. "Uh... no thanks, I'll just... find my way home-" "Just stay a little longer, please!" I couldn't refuse, but I wanted to. "Look, I can find my way, without you, okay?" Violet clenched her fists, looking at my prosthetic arm. "H-hey! What happened to you?" She asked. "I really don't wanna talk about it..." I opened the door, and sighed. "I need to be alone" I said walking out, and closing the door. I made my way over to the others, and saw someone familiar trying to get in. "Will you please let me in?!" She asked. "This place is for shape shifter's only." They answered back. "Don't make me attack" She . "Heh, what could you possibly-" She shape shifted into me, and spotted me, making her way over to me. "Well well well, if it isn't my good ol' friend, Haruna. How's it going, buddy?" She asked. "Don't you 'buddy' me! I know you're here to kill me!" I replied angrily. "Wait a minute, TWO Haruna's?!" She ran toward me as we both crashed into the wall. Both of her hands were clutching my throat tightly, and I gasped for air. "This is what you get for attacking my friends!" She scoffed as I loosened her grip, and kicked her off of me.

All I saw was a bloody, bloody fate.

I breathed heavily, bringing myself back up as her forehead bled. Blood ran vertically down her face, seeing as it was fresh, I couldn't resist it. "Hm? Do you want some?" She asked. I knew that I had to resist, but I couldn't. "N-no! I must r-resist!" "What's wrong, Haruna? I'm you, and you are me. We're the same! I can make something new!" She replied. "I don't wanna be you're toy, or you're friend! You shouldn't even be here!" I growled. She was shocked, she couldn't even believe her ears. "You don't even belong here! You're just a fake! A nobody! No one will ever like you!" She then started to cry. "YOU BITCH!" She scolded, running toward me. I jumped into the air, and raised my arm, lunging at her. She back flipped as punched the floor, breaking it into pieces. She quickly ran toward me, kicking me at a wall. I groaned in pain as my hair covered my face. "Hmph, such an ignorant girl, you're so weak, and powerless without that red-head of yours." She mocked, walking up to me. She grabbed my jacket, pulling me up. "I'm not... a-afraid of... y-you..." I barely got out. "YOU'RE A LIAR!" She screamed, punching my stomach. I spat out blood as she pulled my jacket off, and threw it onto the floor. "YOU'RE A COWARD!" The blade of her sword pierced through the healed wound as I let out a tortured cry.

Tears run down my face as the sword went fully through my chest. I shrieked, coughing up blood. Fate was in my way, and I wasn't going to let it stop me. I grabbed the blade, and pulled it out. "Heh, you think you're so tough?" I asked, chuckling. "WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING?!" Shio froze the floor as I jumped into the air, and punched the ground. It became foggy, very foggy. She looked around, trying to find someone. I lunged at her, and bit her neck as both me, and her, crashed into the other wall. I was sent flying, crashing through ten trees. As she ran to me, she stabbed my chest, until I was unconscious.
A Cat
A cat with white fur, black ear tips, black tip of it's tail, blue eyes, whiskers, and black neck fur.

I didn't know what else to draw, so I drew this. :3

She/he needs a name, but I'm not sure if she/he needs a name, what do you think?

Also, I'm gonna redraw the tail, doesn't look good, needs more... detail? Detail... deTAil OMG WHAT IS THAT TAIL WHAT IS THAT (plz don't yell at meh *A*)



Comments, and favourites are appreciated! (>v<)b

Made with DeviantArt muro
A new character - finished
The FINAL one

Maybe it's a new character, but who?

It's a mystery, or is it?

EDIT: changed title

"It's me..."

Made with DeviantArt muro
"You hide you're face, because of the pain..."

"You're afraid they won't understand..."

"You keep you'e sadness on the inside, and happiness on the outside, with a smile, even though somethings wrong."

Depression is real, and isn't a joke.

Depression is something you shouldn't ignore.

Depression isn't some label you can use, it isn't cute, go get some help.

If you have depression, don't go around saying that "It's cute". Just don't, ok?

Let someone know what is wrong, you can't just keep what you're feeling away from that person. All I'm saying is please, get some help, let them know what's wrong.

Made with DeviantArt muro
"Tattletail, that's me!"

Kiiiiiiillll m- This is first time drawing Tattletail, and I tried, ok?

And honestly? Do I like it? Uhhhh.... *runs away*

Is it bad? Ehhhhh... *shrugs*

Tattletail belongs to Waygetter Electronics, Little Flag Sofware, LLC

Made with DeviantArt muro


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Shadowscar: *Growls* "Every time I fight her, she defeats me! It's time I finally defeat her..."

???: "What shall I do to help?"

Shadowscar: 'Hmm...well..."

???: "How about you go to Shadowclan while I find a way to Shadowclan..."

They said as they grinned.

Shadowscar: "Hmm...okay"

He padded all the way from "The Forest" and finally got to Shadowclan.

Shadowscar: "Shadowclaw, we meet again..."

As he said that, Shadowclaw saw a cat (Shadowscar0 that she's seen before

Shadowclaw: "You're not welcome here, Shadowscar!"

Shadowscar: "I know, you seriously don't listen to me do you?"

As soon as he said that, a cat appeared behind him.

Shadowclaw: "Ah, Nekoda you're here..."

Nekoda: *Winks at Shadowclaw as she unsheathed her claws*

Shadowclaw: "You don't talk mush, do you?"

Nekoda: *Shakes heads*

Roseclaw: "Get out of Shadowclan, RIGHT NOW!"

Nekoda: *Pads towards Shadowclaw and grins*

Shadowclaw: *Tries clawing Nekoda but fails to do so.*

As Shadowclaw tried clawing Nekoda, she dodged every time Shadowclaw tried.

Shadowclaw: "Nekoda, stop dodging!"

Shadowscar: "You don't stand a chance at winning, Shadowclaw!"

Nekoda: *Winks at Shadowclaw*

Shadowclaw: "Shadowscar, who is Nekoda!?"

Shadowscar: "Stop asking questions and fight me in "The Forest"

Nekoda: "Yeah Shadowclaw, stop asking questions because you're SO annoying..."

As Nekoda said that, shadowclaw then unsheathed her claws and began to hiss at her.

Nekoda: "Wow, feisty I like it..."

Shadowscar: "Nekoda, time to get the others!"

Nekoda  nods.

Nekoda went to The Forest and back with the others

Shadowclaw:"B-but I thought you weren't a Leader of a Clan!"

Shadowscar: "I-"

Nekoda: *Puts paw over Shadowscar's mouth* "Shadowclaw, you and I have to be friends somehow, Just kidding and by the way...Brownie over there is annoying too..." *giggles*

Shadowclaw: " And to think you couldn't get anymore annoy- did you just call Brownkit...BROWNIE!?"


Nekoda: "What's gonna happen? are you gonna cry or hurt me?"

As Nekoda teased Brownkit, Shadowclaw calmed brownkit down.

Nekoda: "Shadow...loser, you're such a waste of time, I'm not surprised Shadowscar would want to defeat you...

Shadowclaw: "Shadow...LOSER!?" *Shadowclaw unsheathes her claws and bites Nekoda's arm, unfortunately she fails to do so.

Unfortunatly, Nekoda had her claws unsheathed already, but before she could claw Shadowclaw, Shadowclaw pushes Nekoda away, likely due to the fact that she Teased her and Made her angry.

Nekoda: "Shadowclaw, you're so..."

Shadowclaw: "I'm so...WHAT!?"

Nekoda: "Cute when you're angry..."

Shadowclaw: "GET OUT OF HERE!"

As Shadowclaw said that, Nekoda soon padded out of Shadowclan fast.

Shadowscar: "Hey, wait for me!"

Shadowclaw: "I don't want to see him or Nekoda...ever again, I've had enough of dealing with him for one day"

Roseclaw: "Does she help him now? who is she?"

Shadowclaw: "I don't know, I wonder how he found her or how she found him."

(If you didn't know, Shadowscar actually DOES have a scar)


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