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The Fox: Truth - Chapter 74
She revealed her true identity, feeling ashamed for not telling her the truth. "Wait, you're actually the girl I saw at the Coffee Shop?!" The dragon girl nodded, putting the hat back on. Haruna cried out, running toward Yin. She backed away, dodging attacks. The girl fell to the ground, crying. "I'll tell you where Rose is, just don't hurt me!" She pleaded. They made they're way to the cave, finding Rose asleep. "Hey! You're team misses they're leader!" The black-haired girl woke up, seeing Shio. "You're no ordinary person, you're a spoiled brat, who won't take no for an answer!" The white-haired girl growled. "You're... you're a snobby brat!" The young leader replied angrily. Shio gasped, furrowing her brows."How dare you!" Callie crossed her arms, scoffing. "Even if she is a snobby brat, she's still our teammate." She said. "Uh, hey! Let's train!" "I've got a better idea." 
5 hours later...
"LET"S HAVE A BATTLE!" Rose shouted, grabbing her sniper-rifle. She ran toward Yi
:iconpikachulover22477:Pikachulover22477 0 0
Flowey by Pikachulover22477 Flowey :iconpikachulover22477:Pikachulover22477 0 0
That Includes of NOT claiming the characters from Warriors, FNaF, FNaF 2 FNAF 3 AND FNAF 4 And Monokuma From Danganronpa (I Think)
This is my newest deviations I will probably make new one's sooner or later... don't worry! :D


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by pichu90

This dress up game inspired me to play it and well this is a pokemon game And I like pokemon dress up games of yours so sparks I like a...


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A girl walked through the forest, tired and hungry, she thought about what Tezuka would think if she found out she failed trying to kill vampires and non-humans. Her kitsune, Shima, was also tired and was wounded, being carried by her partner.

She looked human, clearly she was not, though made her way into the castle, and walked to General Tezuka, kneeling down. "General, I have killed the monsters you tasked me to murder brutally." she said. The tall woman chuckled to herself, reaching into her pocket. "Excellent, and before you ask, yes, you can have some money to buy some food for the both of you, maybe she'll heal along the way." the black-haired woman replied, handing her 80 dollars. "Thank you, General Tezuka!" "The pleasures all mine, Shiba. Now go, there is someone I want you to kill. And promise me you won't fail, because if you do, I'll have to kill you." 
"I promise to not fail, but, I have just one question; what is her name?" Shiba asked. "Her name is Zakai Isoko, she has a kitsune just like yours and it's still alive. Find the girl and kill her. But if she surrenders, bring her here immediately." She put the dollars into her pockets and put Shima down, smiling. "I won't let you down, General Tezuka!" She walked out of the castle, making her way through a portal.


It was still raining and Araya and Shiro were still transformed, but she was able to see who she was. 'Sh-Shiro? She gave you the collar?' Meanwhile, Zakai began building another one as she heard laughing. She quickly made her way downstairs and opened the door, spotting a girl with messy, ombre hair.

The girl was deranged and had a sadistic smile and had an extreme hatred for non-humans and despises them, but the tattoos on her arm, face, and leg caught her eye. She had seemed to be very powerful and admired Queen Nightmare Jay, until she was kicked out. "I am Shiba Harukichi, Queen Nightmare Jay's former royal guard! And I am here to be kill you!" The turquoise-eyed girl grabbed five darts, throwing them all towards her. 

"It's time to say goodnight, bitch!" She shouted, as the lilac-haired dodged them, noticing her gone. "I loved her! She thought of me as her own daughter because I was special!" The other girl threw more poisonous darts at her, cackling loudly. "The Vampire Brigade is evil! They do not deserve to live!" Zakai sensed gasped, thinking for a moment. 'Could it be that she's not even human and hates them for no reason?' she thought.

"They do deserve to live! If you kill all of the non-humans, the population for them will decrease!" she yelled. "Well, my queen, loved by her royal subjects has kicked me out and now I am Tezuka's guard!" She then grinned, calling for her kitsune. The silver-haired girl gasped, quivering. "Who is that?!" The kitsune walked in front of her, in all it's glory, it mewed, singing. "This is my faithful companion, Shima! She is a nine tailed kitsune that can shape shift into a weapon and put people to sleep by singing!" Zakai became very woozy and her head began to hurt. 'A kitsune, my mother had one, but she died trying to save it... and father, that bastard... now I know why she really hated him...' "Shima, use super bite, claw and fireball!" The kitsune ran towards her, trying to bite her, but Zakai dodged it, picking up the darts and throwing them at it. "How do you have those tattoos?!" A shield appeared around it, deflecting the darts.

The ombre-haired girl looked at them and then her, laughing. "Oh? You mean these? General Tezuka offered me to drink an extract and now I have the urge to kill! Queen Tezuka made the right choice to drink it too! She told me that she drank some a long time ago and now she has the urge to kill too!" Suddenly, her mother's kitsune jumped in front of the darts, landing onto the ground and absorbing them. "I'm gonna make you pay for the sins you've committed! No one will forgive you, not even you're parents, you're friends, or you're mothers companion!" The kitsune breathed in, forming a fireball. Zakai fell to her hands and knees, trying to block out the kitsune's singing. "I will slaughter them all! To get revenge and avenge my parents for who killed them! Non-humans killed them and now I despise all non-humans! Including the Vampire Brigade and Yuma and her sisters!"

"She's not human!"

"She's a monster!"

"She doesn't belong here!"

Some people have looked at her and sensed that she wasn't human. They would look at her in disdain, sensing that she was in fact, not human. She'd lash out her anger on others so she wouldn't have to here them say that she wasn't human because she wanted to be like everyone else, a normal, human being, trying to live a normal life, but would constantly get dirty looks.

Shima stopped, pausing for a moment, Zakai had fell to the ground, staying still. The kitsune was also on the ground and not moving. 
"Good, she's asleep, now we can-" The lavander-haired girl kicked her leg, freezing it.

Shiba broke the ice, back flipping as her kitsune shape shifted into a long sword, with poison on the blade. "This poison won't kill you, but I'll hurt like hell!" She swiftly swung it at her, slightly cutting her arm open. The nine-tailed kitsune breathed in, forming a waterball in it's mouth. The weapon freed it'self, shape shifting back into a kitsune. The other nine-tailed kitsune opened it's mouth, firing bullet's from it's mouth towards Zakai and her mother's kitsune as the waterball exploded, getting them all wet. "Look, mother and father! I'm doing what is right! I'm achieving my dream by killing the person who killed you both!" she yelled, sobbing quietly.

Her deranged look made Zakai shiver, just what was going on in her mind? She now knew why she hated humans. "Shiba," The girl sniveled as her limbs shook, her heart pounded even faster and harder. "I've killed a human for you to eat, I've heard that humans and non-humans like you who look like humans, love eating humans. But... you don't have horns like Reina, or Yuma, you're special because no one will ever know that you're not human, but they can sense that you're not. I suggest not eating humans around other people, or they'll suspect that you're a non-human and kill you." "Why should I trust you?! I may love eating humans, but I don't like them, nor do I trust them either!"

"She's pretty strong and tough for having a companion like Shima... she's definitely a disgrace to the human race, but she doesn't seem that different from-" Shiba ran towards her, quickly cutting her arms and legs off. 

Zakai fell to the ground, as her eyes began to close and she saw darkness, pure darkness, and stared into the nothingness the world has become. She spitted out blood, smiling. "It was a good day while lasted and now my time is up..." she said to herself, hearing the two make they're way outside, kick her away and summon they're weapons. "This is you're chance, Shima! Grow bigger and kill Zakai!" The kitsune grew bigger, standing on it's hind legs, it grabbed her, crushing the bones in her shoulders and knees. "Don't even try killing Shima, because she will regenerate every time you shoot her or stab her!" It opened it's mouth, full of sharp teeth, waiting to feast on her flesh.

Maki jumped onto the roof, firing bullets at it. Shima noticed and wrapped it's tail around her, throwing her towards a building. Naya ran to her, catching as they both crashed into the building. "This is why you should never mess with her!" Zakai coughed up blood, smirking. "You are indeed crazy," she regenerated her arms and legs, "but I can be crazier!" She freed herself, kicking the kitsune's face. "What?! How did you-" Zakai landed in a crouch, turning around and running away.

"Where are you going, Zakai?! Don't you wanna play?! I bet you could be Queen Tezuka's new toy!" She had ran at the speed of light and Shba was catching up to her. And no matter how hard she tried to get away, she kept running faster.

"Demura Chiharu! Grow bigger and grab Shiba and Shima!" As the other kitsune grew bigger, Naya jumped into the air, kicking Shima. "Stay out of this!" Shiba yelled, "Shima! Don't let them get away!" The two nine-tailed kitsune's formed fireballs in they're mouths, firing them at each other. "Shima! Give me the miniguns!" The fireballs disappeared as it bit her arms and moved away, revealing them. "Demura Chiharu! Block the bullets while I go to Maki and Naya!" Her mother's kitsune nodded, standing on it's hind legs and getting shot by the bullets.

Zakai made her way over to them, seeing Naya on the roof, shooting it from afar. "Try all you want, she won't-" The kitsune bit her arms, swallowing the miniguns and stood in front of her as the final blow to it was her poisonous darts thrown at it. "Zakai, you bitch! Now General Tezuka will never forgive me!" She fired bullets towards them, sending them flying, as the kitsune fell to the ground, returning to it's normal size. Shiba picked it up, carrying it. She then walked through a portal, making her way into the city.


It was full of people and was much busier ever since the hippogriff attacked, and now, shops are selling food again. Haruna made her way outside, yawning and stretching. It was new day and she wanted to explore the city, until she saw her holding a kitsune. The blonde walked to her, noticing her tattoos disappear. "Uh, hello? I just wanna talk to you for one-" The girl looked at her, growling. "Can't you see I'm fed up with Zakai's shit?!" The girl's eyes widened, tilting her head. "I... who's Zakai?" The shorter girl  girl walked to her, raising an eyebrow. "That's none of you're business, bitch." she angrily said.. "Hey, why are you in such a bad mood?" Haruna asked. "Oh, it's nothing. I am Shiba Harukichi and I am in General Tezuka's army! And I am here to cleanse the world tainted with evil!" 

"General... Tezuka? I've been hearing her being talked about on the news, people have reported seeing a black-haired woman and her army of dangerous people. They've also reported that Tezuka and her army have killed millions of people, but there is one person with them that is just as crazy as Yuuki. But that's not possible, right?"

"My name is Haruna." she said. "Who is that?" Yuu was put down on the ground as Shima was put down. "Huh? This was my mother's kitsune, Shima, but once my parents were killed, I was found by General Tezuka and her army, now this kitsune is mine." she explained, looking at the fox. "Oh my god, who is that?!" "This is Yuu, she is my companion, I have weapons of my own, but I really wanna try using her as a weapon."

"Wanna buy some food? I'll pay." They both decided to go to a shop and buy some food. Shiba saw a woman with black hair sitting on them ground, hidden in the darkness where no one could see her, she sensed that she was in fact evil and didn't want to bother her. The woman watched her with her sharp eyes, sensing that she was evil too.

Other people looked at her in disdain, stilling fearing her to this day. They had feared her and had never wanted to get in her way or try to underestimate her. Because if they did, she would slaughter them. "That'll be 20 dollars, Haruna." She nodded, handing the shopkeeper the money, picking up the bags of food and walking out. "Look! It's her!" Shiba gasped, running away. "Wait up!" Haruna followed her, running fast to catch up to her. "Does this happen everyday?!" "Yeah, but I try not to worry, y'know?!"

The two had finally got away, hiding downtown. "If we work together, we'll be able to defeat the evil within the world and justice will be served!" "Here," she hands her the bag of food, "bring this back to you're friends, I'm sure they'll need something to eat." 

"I know a crazy girl when I see her, but she isn't acting all evil and psychotic... she isn't showing her true nature..."

"Good, I have someone who trusts me, but I'll have to kill her once she finds out that I'm the crazy girl in General Tezuka's army..."


Shiba made her way through a portal, back to the empire. She walked in, remembering the fight. Tezuka didn't look so happy; she was disappointed. She began to kneel down, giving the bags of food to Mei. "Shiba, did you kill Zakai?" the tall woman asked. "That bitch put Shima to sleep..." "Hmm, not to worry, I'll just give you another companion since you failed miserably with companion number 18." The 19th companion walked towards her, sitting down. "This is companion 19, he will be you're new companion companion while companion number 18 recovers." Amaya looked at her, smiling. "You're such a pain in the ass, Shiba, you should honestly know better when going insane." The girl gritted her teeth, clenching her fists into a white knuckle.

"I swear that I will never let you down ever again, General Tezuka!" She then heard Amaya voice "Wait, is this for us?" I-it's for me, too." Shiba grabbed the cookie bag and picked one up as a cat jumped towards her and grabbed it out of her hand with it's mouth.

"The tattoos on you're body may make you stronger, but the more crazy you are, the more stronger you'll get. But if you don't think while fighting someone, you'll get killed if you don't use you're head." It said shape shifting into a human.

"Someone left some corpses here for you to eat, don't you want to eat it?" She growled, looked at her. "No way! What if it has poison in it?!" She asked. "How'd you get this?" "I met someone along the way, she was really nice, I told her how I'm one of you're soldiers! Hey! What if I kill her?! Then she wouldn't be able to call for help and become one of Amaya's puppets!" Tezuka smirked, calling for them. "I've got a new task for you, Shiba; I need you to learn everything you can about that girl you met and Amaya, I need you to follow her, make sure she doesn't go insane." "I promise." They walked though a portal, into the city.


Shiba walked ahead of Amaya, the fox was ready for any battle to win with it's master. "Alright, Amaya, Haruna's gotta be somewhere, right? You go look around and-" She suddenly heard voices and turned her head. "Ehara Misaki," The black-haired girl looked at Amaya and opened her mouth, revealing razor sharp teeth. Seeing them sent a chill up her spine. "Yes, Haruna?" She saw the two sitting on a bench nearby, yet her fox companion wasn't with her. "I miss Rose, Shio and Callie, they meant so much to me and now, all I have is you, Yuu and Rosa." "What about that girl over there?" Ehara asked, pointing to them. "Shiba!" She then noticed the short girl with orange hair. 

"Shiba, who is this?" "This is Amaya, she's in General Tezuka's army." Haruna began to recognize her and stare at her. "Were you talking about you're friends?" "M-my friends? What?! No! I don't have friends!" And as soon as she said that, she regretted it.

"Aw, well, we can be you're friends!" Shiba replied, crouching and petting "Are you sure we can trust her? I mean, she looks stronger than you..." The red-head whispered, carrying her gun. "I'm sure she isn't stronger than me..." Shiba whispered back, noticing her staring at the ground. "You know, I lied about not having friends, they actually have companions that are shape shifters just like me and Ehara."

The two saw Mizuki on the roof of a building, clinging onto it. "My friend, Callie and my half-sister, Shio, they're shape shifters, too. There are other people in the world who are shape shifters and we're not sure if Rose is one. There's this person named Kasumi; she used to be evil and now, she's my friend, but somethings still... off, about her. She may have gotten on our nerves, but seems it like she really wants to help us, but is afraid she'll do something wrong." Ehara then noticed her and looked that way, seeing her run away.

She ran, jumping onto it and following her. Her wolf ears twitched, hearing the footsteps of someone else and she quickly made her way downtown, as Ehara unsheathed her katana. "It's just you and me, you've got nowhere to run."

Meanwhile, the two looked at Haruna, hearing her voice. "Hey, are you okay?" She asked, seeing her fox companion "Huh? Oh, we just zoned out, that's all!" Amaya looked her, twitching. "What?! That's not true!" The blue-=haired girl yelled. "People who are tainted with will meet they're end!" "Hey Haruna, is Ehara you're friend, or companion?" Shiba wondered, "Well, she's kinda both "Amaya, go follow her, and make sure Mizuki doesn't die." She nodded, running. "She's a shape shifter too, but she actually has a weapon of her own." It felt like they had gone too far, but they were only downtown, so where could they have went to? 

She looked around, observing the place. She began to remember what Tezuka had told her; "If anyone finds out that you're in my army, do not hesitate to kill the people or person who know." Amaya walked away, feeling guilty. "I made a promise to General Tezuka that I would make sure Shiba didn't go insane and now, I don't know where she is." She then paused, hearing gunfire nearby and things exploding. "What the hell?!" She noticed bullets being shot towards Ehara and ran, aiming her gun at her. "People who are tainted with evil must meet they're end!" Shiba screamed, firing bullets at Ehara. Mizuki unsheathed her claws, swinging them at her. "I'm gonna tear you to pieces!" Mizuki yelled.  "Hey! Are you sure we should kill her?! Haruna did say that she is her friend and companion!" Amaya shouted. "I don't care! She is corrupted and tainted with evil and must be killed! Because justice will be served! Kenji! Use super bite!"

The dog tried to bite Ehara, but was blocked by the blade of her katana. "Kenji! Get rid of these! And grow bigger! This girls mine!" It ran towards her, swallowing the minigun and moving away from her. Haruna jumped int front of her as Yuu shape shifted into a long sword. She gripped it tightly, furrowing her brows as her blood began to boil, she saw Mizuki grin, letting out a low growl. The blade was covered in blood, glowing. The three were shocked, staying far away from her.

"Justice will be served! It's time for you two to become General Tezuka's new toys!" Shiba grabbed 5 poisonous darts, throwing them towards her. She deflected them with the blade of her sword, running towards her. The other girl swung her claws at her, as the blonde grabbed it. "Hey, what's you're name, bitch?" she asked as her eyes changed from blue, to red.

"The names Mizuki. You must be Haruna, Shiba's new friend. You know, she would've killed you if you found out she was the crazy girl in Tezuka's army." the wolf-eared girl answered, letting go of it and kicking her away. "Looks like I have some blood to spill, and now I know why she likes you, but she loves the desire to kill, so you better watch you're back, you little shit."

Haruna kept her balance, shaking the blood off it. "Oh? I'm not surprised someone like her would be evil and psychotic because..." Mizuki felt the blade of her sword cut her side and screamed in pain, falling to the ground. "...I'm a sociopath too!" Shiba ran towards her, punching her stomach at lightning speed. "Then I hope you won't mind going easy on me! Kenji! Give me the giant sword!" She yelled, punching her towards a fence. "Yuu! Shape shift and grow bigger!" The girl back flipped, running backwards and seeing the weapon shape shift into a fox and grow bigger. "If you die, you're going with me! I'm not gonna let you die here!" The dog bit her arms again, moving away and revealing it. "General Tezuka will be proud of me once I kill this bitch!" Haruna grabbed two of her guns, firing bullets at her as she deflected them, throwing darts towards her. She dodged them, tripping over a rock. The deranged girl swung her giant sword, noticing the fox stand on it's hind legs, and grabbing her, throwing her at a pillar. It cracked, sending the pieces of it flying towards the fox.

It punched them, breaking them in anger. "Justice... justice will prevail... justice will always prevail! No matter how hard I try, I will kill you!" She quickly dashed from the broken pillar, cutting Haruna's arm off. She wasn't afraid to spill some blood ever since she sensed a disturbance in her mind, though, she did not know what she could do.

The blonde regenerated her arm and ran around her, dodging her attacks. "Try all you want, crazy bitch, you'll never land a hit on me." Yuu growled, roaring as Kenji roared, opening it's mouth and firing bullets at the fox.

"So, you knew about me all along?!" Haruna slowed down, landing onto a fence. "Yes. When I heard about General Tezuka and her army of soldiers, I knew you were crazy from the beginning." She was then kicked to the ground and punched repeatedly and was uppercut by Mizuki, crashing into a tree. She laid on the ground, staring up at the sky. She coughed up blood as the light in her eyes began to fade, she didn't give up, not like this. "I'll put you out of you're misery!" Haruna got up, punching her as she was sent flying, crashing into a store.

Fire emitted from the blonde's hair as she was ready to end this once and for all. "Killing you is the only thing I care about... and to think, someone like you would want to be my friend, after killing millions of people with those friends of yours and Tezuka?!" Shiba laughed, readying herself. "It's on now! Kenji! Get rid of this! It's killing time!" The dog bit her arms once again, swallowing the giant sword and backing away. The two ran towards each other, as Haruna punched her repeatedly and eventually punched a hole through her stomach.

She crashed into the ground and began to laugh, regenerating. She didn't care about her wounds, because of having to heal herself every time she's hurt. The blonde was in shock at what she saw and put her guns away. "You idiot! Don't you understand?! You're not the only one who can regenerate! Zakai, my enemy! She can regenerate, too! It's only a matter time before I detonate the bomb on you!" She looked at her waist, trying to get it off. "It's no use! It will only deactivate if the one who put it on you deactivates it by typing a code! If you try to get away, you'll be blown to smithereens!" One of the people there ran towards her, typing a code and deactivating it immediately. 

They grabbed it, throwing it to the ground and stomping on it. The person lifted the hood of they're jacket, revealing they're face. 
"Shit! That was my only chance to kill her!" It was a boy, holding a pistol sword. "Retreat!" They all escaped through a portal, never to be seen again. "Who are you?" The boy turned around, smiling.

"I'm Kazumi."


General Tezuka growled, kicking her. "You failed me you good-for-nothing slave, I finally get to torture you since you've failed again! I'll have no choice but to execute you!" she yelled, kicking her stomach. "Please don't hurt me General Tezuka! Please have mercy on me!" Shiba pleaded, coughing up blood. The tall women looked at her warily, disappointed. "I said I would give you another chance and you promised me you wouldn't fail, but you did. You're a sad excuse for a soldier." She stopped, showing her fangs. The ombre-haired girl got up, vomiting blood. "Please give me another chance! I'll do anything!" Tezuka smiled, raising an eyebrow.


"Yes, anything! Just please don't kill me!" 


The Blue Cat
This is The Blue Cat,

The Blue Cat is blue,

It's moon is blue,

It's rings are blue,

It's heart is blue,




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Shadowscar: *Growls* "Every time I fight her, she defeats me! It's time I finally defeat her..."

???: "What shall I do to help?"

Shadowscar: 'Hmm...well..."

???: "How about you go to Shadowclan while I find a way to Shadowclan..."

They said as they grinned.

Shadowscar: "Hmm...okay"

He padded all the way from "The Forest" and finally got to Shadowclan.

Shadowscar: "Shadowclaw, we meet again..."

As he said that, Shadowclaw saw a cat (Shadowscar0 that she's seen before

Shadowclaw: "You're not welcome here, Shadowscar!"

Shadowscar: "I know, you seriously don't listen to me do you?"

As soon as he said that, a cat appeared behind him.

Shadowclaw: "Ah, Nekoda you're here..."

Nekoda: *Winks at Shadowclaw as she unsheathed her claws*

Shadowclaw: "You don't talk mush, do you?"

Nekoda: *Shakes heads*

Roseclaw: "Get out of Shadowclan, RIGHT NOW!"

Nekoda: *Pads towards Shadowclaw and grins*

Shadowclaw: *Tries clawing Nekoda but fails to do so.*

As Shadowclaw tried clawing Nekoda, she dodged every time Shadowclaw tried.

Shadowclaw: "Nekoda, stop dodging!"

Shadowscar: "You don't stand a chance at winning, Shadowclaw!"

Nekoda: *Winks at Shadowclaw*

Shadowclaw: "Shadowscar, who is Nekoda!?"

Shadowscar: "Stop asking questions and fight me in "The Forest"

Nekoda: "Yeah Shadowclaw, stop asking questions because you're SO annoying..."

As Nekoda said that, shadowclaw then unsheathed her claws and began to hiss at her.

Nekoda: "Wow, feisty I like it..."

Shadowscar: "Nekoda, time to get the others!"

Nekoda  nods.

Nekoda went to The Forest and back with the others

Shadowclaw:"B-but I thought you weren't a Leader of a Clan!"

Shadowscar: "I-"

Nekoda: *Puts paw over Shadowscar's mouth* "Shadowclaw, you and I have to be friends somehow, Just kidding and by the way...Brownie over there is annoying too..." *giggles*

Shadowclaw: " And to think you couldn't get anymore annoy- did you just call Brownkit...BROWNIE!?"


Nekoda: "What's gonna happen? are you gonna cry or hurt me?"

As Nekoda teased Brownkit, Shadowclaw calmed brownkit down.

Nekoda: "Shadow...loser, you're such a waste of time, I'm not surprised Shadowscar would want to defeat you...

Shadowclaw: "Shadow...LOSER!?" *Shadowclaw unsheathes her claws and bites Nekoda's arm, unfortunately she fails to do so.

Unfortunatly, Nekoda had her claws unsheathed already, but before she could claw Shadowclaw, Shadowclaw pushes Nekoda away, likely due to the fact that she Teased her and Made her angry.

Nekoda: "Shadowclaw, you're so..."

Shadowclaw: "I'm so...WHAT!?"

Nekoda: "Cute when you're angry..."

Shadowclaw: "GET OUT OF HERE!"

As Shadowclaw said that, Nekoda soon padded out of Shadowclan fast.

Shadowscar: "Hey, wait for me!"

Shadowclaw: "I don't want to see him or Nekoda...ever again, I've had enough of dealing with him for one day"

Roseclaw: "Does she help him now? who is she?"

Shadowclaw: "I don't know, I wonder how he found her or how she found him."

(If you didn't know, Shadowscar actually DOES have a scar)


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